Flowering plants that are easy to grow on your patio

A beautiful addition to any backyard is a patio or walkway. These walkways not only add many great benefits to your backyard, but also open up new possibilities. A patio, like most recreational areas, is more likely to be used if it’s inviting, comfortable, and visually appealing. A well-maintained patio will inspire you to go outside! Don’t be discouraged if your patio plans include overheads and walls, but they are still subject to local building codes. To add warmth to your patio, you can still use colorful plants and herbs.

Herbs – Did you know that herbs thrive on sunlight? Your sunny patio is the best place to grow herbs. You can create a mini-garden of your favorite flavors. Your patio can be planted with anything, from mint to rosemary.

Lantana – These multicolored blooms can completely transform your backyard. These delicate, vibrant blooms look great around patios and are very pleasing to the eye. You might be pleasantly surprised to see them attract little butterflies to your garden.

Geraniums – Add a pop of color to your outdoor space with geraniums. Germaniums can be planted quickly and are very easy to maintain. They can thrive in either sun or shade. To make a cemented patio look exotic, you can use potted geraniums.

Bamboo – Bring home some bamboo plants to make your outdoor space more private. If you need privacy, you can keep them small or allow them to grow taller.

White gardenias – For a more elegant and classy look, plant white gardenias in your patio. They not only add style to your outdoor space, but they also make it smell great. Place them around your patio in large pots.

Sunflowers – If you are looking to personalize your patio with some personality, sunflowers might be the best choice. These beautiful heads are equally stunning in boxes as well as pots and will bring life to any patio.

Mandevilla – This flowering vine needs something to climb on. These blooms can be added to garden walls. These trumpet-shaped flowers come in stunning shades of pink, red, or white. You will be happy you made the right choice once they start to bloom.

Pentas are a sweet star-shaped plant that is great for those who live in very dry areas. They are beautiful, don’t have poisonous properties and they love heat. They can bloom all year and will add beauty to your outdoor space.

Banana tree – This is a great option for someone who enjoys gardening and can take the time to care for their plants. These lush, large plants will be a focal point of your patio. They will not provide you with bananas, but they will bring beauty and color to your yard. They are great outdoors and love the sun and heat.

Angel’s trumpet – If you have an overhanging patio, the angel’s Trumpet will magnify it even further! These beautiful flowers, which hang upside-down, can grow up to one foot in length. These flowers will provide shade for your patio and create a cozy area in your backyard. What’s more? They can withstand heat and will thrive in hot summers.

Jasmine – The jasmine fragrance is a must-have. These flowers will transport you into a new world with their mild fragrance. These delicate flowers are perfect for anyone who enjoys spending time outside in their garden.

Patios can also benefit from some sprucing up and new plants and accessories, just like interior rooms. By adding the right furniture or potted plants to a patio, you can transform it into a place for your family to relax and renew.

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