How to add water features to your backyard garden

Water is essential for life. Every living thing needs it. Water is very relaxing. It is so tranquil to hear water falling or standing in a bowl. A water feature will benefit your garden’s flora, fauna, and soul.

People avoid water features in their backyards because they think it’s too difficult or takes too much time. There are many simple ways to add water in your garden. Here are some of them.

Concrete basins Shaped like a Leaf

Concrete basins that look like leaves should be purchased. This design will look great in your garden. The basins can be placed in a midst of lush greenery. If you wish, you can add fish to the basin. These fish can live in stagnant water and consume mosquito larvae. They will also keep the water clear. A few floating plants, such as lotus, can be added to the water.

To create a support platform, place terracotta pavers underneath the basin. The platform should be large enough to support the basin and other potted plants. To create your own oasis, you can plant ferns or flowering plants around this basin. You should not be surprised to see birds, dragonflies and frogs making their homes around the concrete basin.

Rectangular Pond

You can create a small rectangular-shaped pond in your backyard if you have the time. Your garden will be the focal point of the pond, so make sure to landscape around it. Although you don’t have to add Koi to your pond every time, you can do so if you want. Placing a few stones in your pond can be a great way to decorate it. To prevent the stones or boulders from becoming mossy, pump the water. Add a few turtles. The turtles can relax in the sun, while the dragonflies have fun with the reflecting water. Get creative with your landscaping. Plant tropical plants around the pond to create a tropical paradise. Other green and flowering plants can be placed around the pond. You can hear the water flowing by adding a bubbler. The water’s tinkling sound will make you feel like heaven. To make the water flow, you can add a pump. This is a great idea if you live in a noisy area. It will drown out the noise from the street. You can use the pond as a reflection pool, where you can relax and see the clouds reflecting in the water. Staring into the water can help you feel rejuvenated and give you the answers you are looking for.

Backyard birdbath

You don’t have to do the work of installing a water feature. For a simple birdbath, you can simply press the button. Birdbaths can be found in most local garden stores. It is best to place it in a spot where it can be seen from your windows. The water will shimmer and the birds playing in it will provide a soothing view. To add color and dimension, you can frame the birdbath by using contrasting potted plants. If you wish, oak-leaf Hydrangea can be used to accent the birdbath. You can also add a few glass balls to the birdbath. They will float in water and create stunning reflections when the sun hits them. To ensure birds have plenty of food, place miniature fruit plants around your birdbath. These miniature fruit plants will also give the area the appearance of an oasis.

Copper Urn

In one corner of your garden, place a copper urn under a tree. Fill it with water. You can also grow plants hydroponically in water if you wish. You can place a bench next to the urn for shade reading or simply enjoying the water and wildlife. To create a tropical rainforest, surround the urn in ferns. It is amazing how a simple water feature can help lower the temperature in your garden.

The bottom line

It is easy to add a water feature to your outdoor space. You will be amazed at the rejuvenation you feel when you spend some time around your water feature. These are some simple tips to help you install your water element.