Amazing Playhouse Ideas for Your Kids

Looking for playhouse ideas that are unique? An outdoor playhouse can be a great idea because it lets your children’s imagination run wild. It makes sense to personalize the playhouse to fit your child’s tastes and preferences. You have many options to customize your children’s playhouse according to your preferences. Remember, your imagination is limitless!

Playhouse Ideas that Make It Functional

First, think about how your children will use the playhouse. Do your children like to run around, jump and swing? As an option, you can add a slide or a swing set to the playhouse. A second story can be added to allow them to climb up. Another great playhouse idea is to use stilts to support the playhouse so it looks like a treehouse. If your children love to build a house or a kitchen, or if they like to sleep in the interior, make sure there is enough space. Your kids will be more satisfied with their playhouse the more functional it is.

Add Dimension and Color

One of the easiest ways to personalize a playhouse is to paint it or stain it. The power of color can really help to create a mood and spark imagination. You can keep the rustic look of a log cabin playhouse by applying a stunning stain to both the outside and interior. Brightly colored trim and white sides make a Victorian playhouse a great idea. You can make a dramatic change with a variety of patterns, such as black, green and brown camouflage to create a “fort.” It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny princess or a small soldier; you just need the right color and dimension to make it work.

Let the kids decorate:

The playhouse will be used by your children so let them choose the decor. Let them choose the design scheme they like by giving them paint samples or wallpaper options. Allow them to hang posters or their own art on the walls. You can also paint one or two walls with chalkboard paint inside so your children always have a blank canvas. Your children should have a safe place to express themselves and be creative.

Furnish the Interior

A playhouse is incomplete without furniture. The options for furnishing a playhouse are endless. There are many stores that specialize in small-scale furniture, including tables, chairs and kitchen utensils. Some even have kid-sized sinks. If you have a Victorian-style playhouse, place a toybox in one corner and a hammock in the “fort”. You can also use small curtains. You can be certain that no matter what theme you choose for your playhouse, you will find the right furnishings.

Add plants:

A little landscaping can be a fun addition to any playhouse. Window boxes with flowers make a great “log cabin”, while shrubs and a white picket fence will create the feeling of a small cottage in suburbania. The best part is that the children can create their own mini vegetable garden or flowerbed within the playhouse’s “backyard”. This allows children to personalize the playhouse and encourages them to be outside. It also teaches them how to care for plants.

Give the Playhouse a name:

Personalization is not complete without putting your own name on something. Kids love to claim ownership of everything by stamping their names. You can either paint the door frame with “Amy’s House” and “My Little Cottage”, or let your children come up with their own name for their little house. You will be proud to have your own house named by them and they will come up with some amazing names. These letters can be purchased at certain stores or even at a home improvement shop. These letters can be glued or screwed in so that Mother Nature doesn’t get them. Whatever happens, ask your children to share their ideas with you and help you make decisions about building a playhouse.

They will feel more responsible for the playhouse if they are allowed to make their own decisions. This could lead to a boost in confidence and self-esteem. They will enjoy the playhouse more because of this. It will be their home, not just a place to play. Make it special and they’ll love every moment they spend there. These tips will help you get some ideas and inspiration to personalize the playroom for your children